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11 Reasons Why CableShade Canopies Are Superior

1. Durable, long-lasting canopies with NO sewn joints, NO stitching 

The CableShade system has no sewn joints.

Rather, each crossbar is fitted with a high-grade vinyl cover, pressure fitting the fabric onto the crossbar, and using aluminum rivets so the fabric can never come loose in high winds.

Other retractable cable/wire canopy systems sew a pocket about every two feet to run a crossbar, or use sewn-in grommet-ed eyelets – both which unravel over time with the whipping of the winds and constant exposure to hot/cold weather.

2. Stainless steel components

The eyelets on the CableShade system, where the cable glides, are stainless steel for longevity.

We also use a 3/16 stainless steel cable to run each canopy, as well as a stainless steel turnbuckle for easy adjusting the tension of each cable -- another long-lasting feature.   

3. Only top-grade fabrics used

Our CableShades are always made from top-grade fabrics - Sunbrella, Tempotest or Sauleda awning/marine fabrics, and Textilene or Awntex mesh fabrics (all with 10-year warranty)

4. Easier winter maintenance

With the CableShade system, winter maintenance is very easy.  You can either unclip the canopies in minutes, roll up and store away until spring, OR simply leave up and put a simple wrap around the fabric to protect from snow and ice.  This ensures the fabric can last years beyond it's warranty. 

5. Most available fabric colors & designs

CableShade canopies can be made from all available Sunbrella, Tempotest, Sauleda, Awntex, Textiline and Outdura colors, designs and sizes! 

There are over 300 available outdoor waterproof fabrics to choose from when designing your custom canopy shade solution. 

Visit our fabric page for more information.  

6. Easy, self-locking system -- no ladder needed. Retracts in seconds. 

Our CableShade system includes a unique self-locking mechanism for extending the canopies into shade position.

Other systems use a latch requiring a ladder when the canopies are mounted higher than reach. This self-locking feature is for both shade (extended) position and lock back when retracted. 

7. Custom made to ensure top quality and fit

The CableShade awning/canopy is not a cookie-cutter or mass produced product. Each order is personally custom-crafted, made-to-fit your pergola, by the owner/designer.  This ensures quality over quantity.

8. Most durable system for high winds

The CableShade design allows for the canopies to be left in shade-position during high winds because of their unique design. Other systems require the canopies be retracted in even medium winds. With our design, the cables are not mounted 'above' the fabric, but 'to the sides' of the fabrics--therefore, when the wind blows, the fabric doesn't whip up and wear holes against the cables. It is the most common mistake of all other manufacturers of cable-shade systems.

9. No roll-up ensures longer lasting fabric/ Easy dry-out

The CableShades gather (retract) accordion-style, allowing for a breezeway to keep the fabric dry.  This extends the life of your canopy/awning for 15+ years. With other systems (the crank-out styles), the fabric rolls up on a spindle. If the fabric is wet, mildew and fabric-rot ensues.

10. Does not require regular service or maintenance

The CableShade system has no rollers and no automated moving parts - therefore no regular service required.

 11. Quick and easy order and installation

Installation can take as little as 30 minutes per canopy on an existing pergola or trellis.  Most orders can be shipped within 10 days of ordering.