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Backyard patio with pergola and retractable mesh shades

How Do I Winterize My CableShade Canopies? 

To winterize your CableShades, there are a few simple options.  The most common way is to simply unclip, roll up and store away until spring.  Another option (if applicable) is adding a short ledge with which you can retract the shades under to keep out of snow and ice.  This allows you to keep your shades up without needing to remove/re-attach every year.  You can also put a fabric wrap arount the shades in retracted position. 

Important note: if using a bungee/tie to bundle the shades together, NEVER put the tie around the fabric portion of the shade, as it will rub and create a tear over time.  Rather, tie together the Snap RIngs on the cable line to keep them from separating. 

Retracted fabric canopies on slide wire

Canopies retract easily on the stainless cables. Each order comes with a lightweight maneuvering pole. It takes about 10 seconds to retract each canopy.

Green fabric shades retracted for winter

Canopies don't 'roll up' like other retractable systems, but gather accordion style-- leaving a breezeway to keep the canopies dry -- no mildew.

A simple added ledge can allow you to keep the shades out of snow and ice in the winter without needing to pull down. 

Easily clip on and off cable line

With our Easy Clip-On/Off Snap Ring feature, our CableShades can easily be taken down at any time.  It is recommended to use another person to roll up the shades as you unclip from the cable line, to keep the fabric protected from damage or dirt/stains.(Typically 1 minute per shade). 

white pergola with red fabric shades

How Do I Operate My Retractable Canopies? 

Your system will include a Sky Hook that easily maneuvers the canopies along the cables.  Extend the CableShade canopies in the spring and leave them locked out all year until threat of snow in the fall.  It literally takes about 10 seconds to retract each canopy, and only about 1 minute each to clip and unclip the shades from the cables.

Will CableShade Canopies Work For My Particular Home?  

CableShades can attach to almost any house curvature such as a flat wall or wrapping around a bay window. The top canopy can extend on the level so the canopies can project outward up to projections longer than 15 feet. The retractable canopy can also work on sloped applications. See our photo gallery to view our many different designs.

How Long Do Fabric Canopies Last? 

CableShade retractable canopies use top of the line outdoor 'marina' fabrics that, if maintained annually for the change in seasons, can last up to 15 years or beyond.   CableShade canopies are custom designed for long term durability and should not require annual service.  The cables and most component parts are high grade stainless steel.  For longest performance, keep out of snow and ice each winter season.  We also include a fabric sealer with your order, if you happen to see any slight fraying of the fabric over the years.   Why CableShade canopies are superior.

Are CableShade Retractable Canopies Waterproof?  

Yes, CableShade uses top of the line Marina outdoor fabrics (Sunbrella, Sauleda and Tempotest) that repel water and protect from overhead rains.  

What Are The Sizes of Canopies Available? 

Standard sizes are 50" or 64" or 84" widths (eyelet to eyelet for each shade placemets), but CableShade Retractable Canopies can be customized to nearly any size to fit your deck or patio. The length (projection) can be most any increment needed. With just adding more canopies the overall width can be as wide as needed. 

How Much Do CableShade Canopies Cost? 

The CableShade system is far less priced than other ‘individual retractable canopy systems.’  Most orders will cost from $16 to $18 per square foot -- depending on if using 50" or 64" or 84" sizes.  10% upcharge for custom-sizes. Please email us with dimensions and include pictures if possible, to request a price quote for your project.   View our Price and How to Order page.

Send to:  -- or call 385-202-0828

Does the CableShade retractable canopy/awning really work in high winds and heavy rain?

These canopies actually do work in high winds because of the separation between canopies and the buoyancy of the cables constantly releasing wind pressure. CableShades wider than the 64" are recommended to have installed on a slight pitch on one side to direct rain water off of the canopies.  


How Quick Can I Have My Canopies?

If the fabric ordered is in stock, your canopies can be shipped within 10 days to 2 weeks from date of order on average sized orders. 

How About That Late Western Sun?

Drop down vertical blinds can be easily added to most any (level) surface. These can be purchased from most Home and Garden retail stores for about $100 for a 10’x7’ (largest size). These vertical blinds are very easy to install.

However we do offer a custom made vertical blind in any fabric color (width would be determined by available width of that particular fabric).  Drop down vertical blinds are best if used in a Mesh fabric rather than the same opaque fabric as the canopies. The Mesh comes in any widths up to 8.5 ft., with up to 9 ft. fabric drop, and range from 70% to 95% sun block. 

Striped canopies with added outdoor blinds

Is the Installation of Retractable Canopies Difficult? 

Installation requires about 60-90 minutes per canopy on an existing pergola or trellis. Simply install the eyelets at desired 4 points (4 corners) per canopy, thread the cable through each corner eyelet, connect turnbuckle and tighten to desired tension, then clip in the Shade.  Personal assistance is available for the do-it-yourself customer.  CLICK HERE to view our Easy Installation Video.

Don’t have an existing Pergola/Trellis?  Call for assistance.  In most areas there are pergola builders standing by.  We can provide assistance if you are a do-it-yourself builder.

CableShade canopies can remain in extended position from spring through fall seasons -- even through most high winds. They must be retracted in threats of snowy weather.